Meeting June 28

Wayne got approval for computer tapes and received names of people interested in starting  a Lethbridge chapter of ALCC.  He says we could put an ad in the Music Calgary’s paper for cheap. Ed typed the ALCC news release and CBC national covered it but not Calgary media. Ben is changing the ALCC logo to CALM, having trouble with the delta symbol.


Meeting June 14

We finally got the T shirts from Fat City –97 of them, most of fair to poor quality. We are not happy with the service. Got 1500 more test kit envelopes, and 1500 Bulletins. George says that the Lacombe Centre is not possible for a concert. Ben and I have been working on the program for the upcoming ALCC conference in Camrose; Judy in Camrose wants to keep the conference small, about 25 people. Garry volunteered to give a ALCC presentation at a High Schools on June 20. I suggested an outline. Garry says we have $291.60 but we must sell T shirts, especially since we just ordered 100 more. Micro Can has agreed to test our kits and sell us more chemicals.

Meeting June 7

I received an apology from NORML Canada for their criticism of our testing kit. They didn’t like the idea of using a spoon to concentrate the mixture. NORML says they are starting a chapter in Okotoks?? We might have trouble getting chemicals for new testing kits. We have been meeting indoors all winter, maybe we should go back to Prince’s Island Park? The need for computer tapes isn’t really there. Fat City is not coming through with our T shirts. Maybe we need to look elsewhere. Patrica is going to get a “safe-keeping envelope” for our membership list.

Meeting May 31

Wayne talked to contact with the city about holding an outdoor concert. I tested our kit with Ed and found it to be sensitive down to 3 ppm of paraquat. Trish has a list of upcoming concerts where we can recruit members. Garry reported that we have $862.48 and 513 members. Mathilda suggested that we meet at the Camrose campground for breakfast. I found out that NORML Canada said our test kits are unreliable -will write a letter of protest. George says the High School presentation has been moved to June 20. We need to meet soon for a kit-assembly bee. A “smoke in” is planned at the Provincial legislature in Edmonton on July 2.

We discussed what makes an executive member and decided that three consecutive meetings gets voting privileges. New executive members will be voted in.

Meeting May 24

We decided on dates, June 23, 24, 25, for the joint conference of ALCC chapters from Edmonton and Calgary to be held in Camrose at the Alice Hotel. Our contribution to the conference will be the printing of programs. George is working on a Newsletter, should have it ready by next meeting.

Meeting May 10

George contacted a High School teacher who needs one hour’s worth of material for talk. Trish placed ALCC donation boxes at Sound Swap and Wizard TV. Ben said the T shirts are not here, yet. We will borrow some from Edmonton to sell at Nazareth concert. A new group is starting in Edmonton -CALM

Meeting May 3

Wayne says we can get a table at UofC for $35, maybe share it with NORML. George heard an anti-pot broadcast on CJAY. I received a call from ALCC Edmonton about a new director. Is Stan gone? Ben said that the Calgary Table Hockey Association may want to join ALCC but they are very paranoid.

Meeting April 26

I reported that the results of our application to the Alberta Law Foundation for a grant should be available in a few days. Wayne checked the cost of T shirts at Fat City. We decided to order 100 T shirts, 20 frisbees and key holders. Ed attended the trial of Kieth Stroup, a U.S. lawyer and president of NORML, who was arrested for possession when arriving in Calgary. George found a band, Backup and Push,  who would play for our bluegrass festival. We could rent a table at Swap-a-rama for $2.50, space $7.50.

Meeting April 22

We had a full agenda:

1) Grant from Law Foundation
2) News release
3) Bulletin
4) Envelopes for flyers
5) Copy of telephone survey
6) Copyright of ALCC logo
7) News of paraquat in pot scare
8) Joint ALCC Edmonton-Calgary conference in Red Deer
9) T shirts

We decided to buy the chemicals required for the paraquat testing kit: sodium dithionite ($38) sodium bicarbonate ($8). Garry and Wayne reported on phone survey and bank balance.