Letter from Eldon Williams, MP for Calgary North

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Mr A.D. Charbonneau
Executive Member
Alberta Legalization of
Cannabis Committee
P.O. Box 96
Station G
CALGARY, Alberta

Dear Mr. Charbonneau:
Re: Marijuana

Thank you for your brochure.

Our Party has taken the position that in reference to marijuana in the matter of simple possession it should be removed from the Narcotics’ Control Act to the Food and Drug Act.

Further we would pass a special statute that anyone convicted of simple possession, which would be similar to receiving a ticket and going through a stop sign, would not have any criminal record which would prevent this person from attending any educational institutions, obtaining a job with any corporation or any business or any department of the government.

In the main we would then be approaching what many people feel is more just. This may not be as far as your association would want to go but on the other hand there is a conflict of medical evidence whether it is harmful or not and in light of that fact there are people who are very opposed to any change.

This is one of those matters in which we can not satisfy everyone, no matter what policy is adopted and we are trying to approach it with a very realistic point of view. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

Yours Sincerely
Eldon M. Woolliams


Letter from the Office of the Minister of Justice

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April 24, 1979
The Members
Alberta Legalization of
Cannabis Committee
Box G96
Calgary, Alberta
Dear Members:

On behalf of the Honourable Marc Lalonde, I acknowledge receipt of your telegram of March 30,1979, requesting a moratorium on all prosecutions for simple possession of a small quantity of cannabis. Since it is not the stated intention of the Government to legalize the simple possession of cannabis, and since the courts presently have frequent recourse to awarding absolute discharges which do not result in a conviction instead of imposing a sentence on those found guilty of that offence, it would appear inappropriate at this time to stop enforcing altogether the provisions of the Narcotic Control Act.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Phelps
Special Adviser