Pot protest quiet, casual

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EDMONTON, (CP) – At least nine persons were arrested Monday when about 2,000 demonstrators gathered in front of the provincial legislature for a sunny, mellow day of protesting against Canada’s marijuana laws. The “smoke-in” was intended to give marijuana users a chance to “toke” together while urging , decriminalization of the drug. A few demonstrators did light up, but most decided not to antagonize the 60 policemen, many in plainclothes, who mingled through the crowd.The mood at the smoke-in was casual, much like an outdoor rock concert.

Anti-pot law lobby backed by civil liberties resolution
The effort to liberalize marijuana laws in Canada moved on two fronts in Calgary Wednesday. About 250 pot promoters gathered in Prince’s Island Park during the evening for the first public rally of the Alberta Legalization of Cannabis Committee and organizers say about 100 members were added to the group’s roll-call. While the rest of Calgary celebrates the Stampede, ALCC has declared this as cannabis week. Meanwhile, the Calgary Civil Liberties Union urged Ottawa to take some of the legal sting out of marijuana use. Dave, a executive member of ALCC who doesn’t want his last name made public for fear he’ll lose his job, said one of the group’s priority goals is to smooth out courtroom discrepancies in marijuana cases among provinces. “In Calgary, only three per cent of the cases get a discharge. In Ontario. it’s 38 per cent.” he told the rally which drew a crowd of young persons ranging from the junior high level to balding long-hairs.