Safety council’s worried about pot-smoking drivers

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Three nice young people came to see me the other day, one of whom I had met last year when he and other members of ihe Alberta Legislation of Cannabis Committee took advantage of a’ group plan and sponsored a horse race at Stampede Park. They showed me a Herald clipping and complained that, Joe Clark had “broken another election promise.” The story was out of Ottawa and it told how the federal government had decided not to make any changes in the marijuana laws Until it decides how dangerous the drug is. My visitors were under the impression that Clark had promised the ¬†conservatives would decriminalize the possession of pot if they won the federal election.

Further medical studies delay drug law changes
OTTAWA (CP) Marijuana users fear government promises to reform the country’s drug laws are about to go up in smoke. Andy Rapoch, head of an organization fighting for legal changes, said today.


Alberta’s mothers of confederation

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In her small black suitcase. Irene Parlby carried a pair of folding clothes hangers. She did a lot of travelling, a lot of public speaking. The small black hangers, still neat and shiny, are on display at Glenbow, along with her suitcase, black portable typewriter, emergency sewing kit. desk and chair – even her black velvet dress, probably the same one she wore as a . delegate to, the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. These relics of Alberta’s first female cabinet minister are the highlight of an exhibition that ¬†opened without ceremony last weekend. It honors the five Alberta ¬†women responsible for having members of their sex classed as “persons” in Canada.