Possession of marijuana

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Justice minister may be asked to recommend discharges
Justice Minister Jacques Flynn will probably be asked this week to instruct prosecutors to support absolute and conditional discharges of persons of convicted of possession of marijuana. A resolution, to be placed before the Canadian Bar Association’s general session Thursday, als suggests that Flynn write to the attorney-general of Alberta to point out the high number of marijuana convictions in the province and the low number of discharges in relation to other provinces.

Ann Landers
Pot versus alcohol
Dear Ann Landers: We have three teen-agers. For the last several months there has been a continuing battle at the supper table. They insist that pot is less damaging than alcohol. Will you please say some. thing on the subject? It always sounds different coming from an outsider. Thank you. Outnumbered In Skolle.

Marijana now believed to be more harmful than tobacco
HAMILTON (CP) – Scientists now believe marijuana is harmful, an executive of Alcohol and Drug Concerns Inc. told a conference Monday. “It is now generally recognized that both light and regular use of marijuana damages lungs, upsets hormonal balances in men and women and lowers body resistance to disease,” Donald Smyth told delegates to the 20th annual Institute on Addiction Studies at McMaster University.


Psychologists spotlights caffeine dangers

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HAMILTON (CP) There is a habit-forming drug which is readily available, may affect unborn babies, and has cancer-causing effects; it gets in all the tissues of the body within five minutes, raises temperature and blood pressure, interferes with sugar metabolism and increases stomach acids; it changes sleeping patterns, reduces fine-motor co-ordination and causes tremors -yet remains unregulated by provincial or federal laws. The drug is caffeine.

Delegates reject plea on pot-law enforcement
A controversial proposal by Alberta lawyers to call on Justice Minister Jacques Flynn for uniform enforcement of marijuana “laws was rejected Thursday by Canadian Bar Association delegates, The CBA’s Alberta branch sug. gested the association’s annual meeting ask Flynn to instruct federal drug prosecutors to actively support discharges for persons convicted of simple possession of marijuana, The Alberta lawyers also urged that Flynn, anti Alberta Attorney- General Neil Crawford be approached about concern over “the high proportion of cannabis charges in Alberta and the low percentage of discharges in relation to ,other provinces,”Calgary lawyer Sheldon Chumir told delegates that lawyers here were concerned about a report that Alberta has the highest provincial rate of ‘convictions and the lowest rate of discharges granted to offenders.

Self-sufficiency in marijuana sought
American political scientist Richard Craig notes that enough money is being sent into Colombia for the purchase of drugs, mostly marijuana, to threaten the power of the Colombian ¬†government and the stability of the country. (The Herald. Aug.. 15). He fails to mention the negative effects on the economies of countries sending money to Colombia. Using Craig’s statistics. Canadians spends approximately. $800million out of Canada for the purchase of marijuana. (A recent Time magazine article indicates that amount to be closer to $2.5 billion). This money is down the drain as far as our economy is concerned. The profits are untaxed. Virtually none of that money returns to Canada. which upsets our international balance of trade and further devalues our dollar. A.D. CHARBONNEAU