Roy Farran: On a Loose Rein

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“Cocaine Pete and Morphine Sue, went trucking along the avenue, singing have a little sniff on me, on me, have a little sniff on me.” That music hall ditty dates from the days when society could still laugh with contempt at the junkie. Nowadays we would be more likely to weep. Around 12,000 lost souls in British Columbia alone. What. dear Lord, have we done to our glorious youth? Is this why so many Canadians died on the beaches at Dieppe? For more than 100 years, the saddest pages in history tell us, British sailors peddled dope in the Orient. Yet, strangely, they never fell for it themselves.’ They would drink themselves silly on rum. but they never took to dope.


Pot seen as Canada cash crop

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The North American economy would get a $4-billion-a-year boost if Canadian and United States farmers could grow and distribute marijuana. a U.S. spokesman for a group favoring legalization of the drug said Saturday. Gatewood Galbraith president of Kentucky Marijuana Feasibility Study told a conference sponsored by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws that North Americans spent $4 billion in Mexico and North America last year on the illicit drug.

Sprayed marijuana investigation
There is no evidence of short-term danger from smoking Mexico’s paraquat-sprayed marijuana, two scientists told the house of Representatives select narcotics committee. But Dr. Michael Rose, a senior toxicologist with Imperial Chemical industries Ltd., a British paraquat manufacturer, and Dr. Richard Thomas, a senior toxicologist with Mitre Corp., which has done independent studies on the pesticide, said ne studies have been done to determine the long-range effects of inhaling paraquat.

Marijuana ‘may harm’ the unborn
There is growing evidence marijuana can harm the developing fetus in animals and it may effect human babies, too, scientists attending the Second Annual Conference on Marijuana say.  Researchers told the conference that experiments with rats. mice, and monkeys show marijuana can interfere with both conception and pregnancy in those animals leading to, more frequent fetal or infant deaths. Organizers said the conference was designed to can attention to the dangers of marijuana. which they assert are not fully understood.