Paraquat found in U.S. marijuana

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Lung damage possible
WASHINGTON (AP) – Government health experts say 3.6 per cent of the marijuana sold in the United States is contaminated with paraquat, but in concentrations so small that only 50 to 100 smokers a year iisk permanent lung damage. Nevertheless Joseph Califano, the Health, education and welfare secretary, has concluded that the spraying of paraquat to eradicate marijuana in Mexico “is likely to cause serious harm to the health of persons who may use or consume the sprayed marijuana.”

Marijuana to be used by doctors
illinois, which generally outlaws use of marijuana is about to start distributing the weed to doctors –for medicinal purposes only, of course. It looks like a regular cigarette, comes in cans of 300 and IS grown on the grounds of the University of Mississippi, says Thomas Kirkpatrick. executive director of the Illinois Dangerous Drugs Commission. “It’s Mexico stock,” says Kirkpatrick. “It’s very carefully grown, just like a commercial tobacco crop.

Bill may ease dope convIction
OTTAWA (CP) – Health Minister David Crombie said Thursday the federal government will seek legislation under which persons convicted of marijuana possession would not be stuck with a criminal record. The minister told reporters he hopes he can put some options before MPs and the public for discussion before Parliament sits this fall. That could result in legislation for that Parliament. If that was not possible legislation would go before the next parliamentary sitting.