Switch to potent pot sparks new U.S. clamp

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(New York Times)
NEW YORK – Most marijuana now being sold throughout the United States is three to ten times more potent than the marijuana sold two years ago, according to federal drug enforcement officials and pro-marijuana groups. Both sides agree this is because the marijuana being sold today is from Columbia. Colombian marijuana is stronger than the marijuana from Mexico, which once dominated the United States market.

Lighter pot penalties not likely yet: Lalonde
OTTAWA (CP) – The government believes penalties for marijuana possession are too harsh, but Justice Minister Marc Lalonde said Friday he does not have high hopes that Parliament would move quickly to lighten the punishment. “I am somewhat leery of bringing in a bill that would have no chance of being passed,” Lalonde said in a interview. ‘1 am not saying that it won’t be brought in, but I don’t want to raise expectations.”