Pot seen as Canada cash crop

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GUELPH, Ont. (CP)- The North American economy would get a $4-billion-a-year boost if Canadian and United States farmers could grow and distribute marijuana, a U.S. spokesman for a group favoring legalization of the drug said Saturday. Gatewood Galbraith. president of Kentucky Marijuana Feasibility Study told a conference sponsored by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws that North Americans spent $4 billion in Mexico and South America last year on the illicit drug.

Pot legalization gains advocates
TORONTO(CP) Decriminalization of marijuana possession now is favored by 46 per cent of Canadians, twice as many as in April, 1977, says a Gallup poll commissioned by Ontario’s Addiction Research Foundation. The poll, carried out in September and reported in the foundation’s monthly journal, shows that 46 per cent of Canadians questioned believe either that marijuana should be sold in government-regulated stores or that possession of small amounts of the drug should not be a crime.

New bill covering drugs may be tabled in 1979
OTTAWA (CP) – A bill to soften penalties for possession of marijuana and to introduce them for possession of amphetamines may be introduced in 1979 official sources said Wednesday. The sources confirmed reports that a wide~ranging official report to Justice Minister Marc Lalonde will be made by the end January. The report is~expected to cover the full range of cannabis drugs, including hashish. hashish oil and other related drugs.