ALCC purse

Foreign Fervor

Foreign Fervor

ALCC group

ALCC group

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We sponsored a horse race in which the winner would receive our wonderful ALCC horse blanket.  The winner was Foreign Fervor, second was The Bagel Princess, and third was Miss Pot of Gold. No horse called Miss Pot was in the race. I’m not in the picture. As a high school teacher, I was nervous about being too visible.


Cancer victims find relief in pot

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Many persons being treated for cancer in British Columbia are ignoring the law and smoking marijuana because they say the drug controls nausea
caused by anti-cancer drugs. Some patients say marijuana controls nausea better than conventional anti nausea drugs. And some doctors say they feel the patient’s chances of recovery are improved because they are stronger and respond better to treatment if they are not alway nauseated.

B.C. judges acquit themselves, system
Judges from each level of British Columbia’s four-tier court system staged an unprecedented public forum here during the week-end , and delivered frank
judgments of the judiciary and justice system in Canada. At a meeting of the Justices Councils of B.C., five judges fielded questions from the floor and acquitted themselves and the system from any major faults.

Pot Shots
Editor, the Albertan
The  writer of a letter (Sept. 24) thinks that studies showing that marijuana use as being relatively harmless are getting more attention than those of the opposite view. I think that this is true because there are more studies showing that the harm in smoking marijuana is no greater than smoking cigarettes.

David Charbonneau