Meeting August 23

Todd has sold 9 memberships, George has sold 44 and collected $88. Wayne collected $7.50 for memberships and frisbees. He saw the Stampede Board banquet and was impressed.  Wayne is checking out bands for the September concert. I contacted a doctor at the Cancer Clinic but he declined to issue a prescription for marijuana. The Albertan wants to do a story on how we were denied a grant from the Alberta Law Foundation. We approved that Wayne pay $75 for concert.


Meeting August 9

Gary says that we have $234.47 and 746 members. The initiative “back up and push” has been dissolved. Ben showed us the new logo. I reported that Ron Hooker had seem the cancer treatment story and interested in making an application to Cancer Clinic. George has written a letter to Heather in the Edmonton chapter of ALCC regarding the Pot Party and a marketing board. Trisha told us about a report in Rolling Stone about NORML. Wayne says that the Williams Lake chapter of CALM (ALCC) is proceeding.

Illegal  pot aids fight on cancer

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Hundreds of cancer victims In British Columbia are illegally using marijuana to control nausea caused by anti-cancer drugs. It works, they say. It works like magic, eliminating days of nausea and vomiting that conventional anti-nausea drugs fail to relieve.And doctors feel the patients’chances for recovery are boosted by the illegal drugs. Days of not eating because of nausea weaken patients and make them less responsive to the anti-cancer drugs.

Meeting August 2

George was at the Swaporama and received $93.40 in donations and 89 names on our petition. Ben said that 390 test kits have been made and he’s working on the bulletin this weekend. Following discussions with Edmonton, the CALM headquarters will be there.