Letter from Alberta Attorney General

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Mr. A. David Charbonneau,
Executive Member,
P.O. Box 96, Postal Station “G”
CALGARY, Alberta.

Dear Mr. Charbonneau:

In your letter of May 24, 1978, which I note was acknowledged by my executive Assistant, you suggest that Federal Criminal Law should be uniformly administered across Canada. The administration of justice is the exclusive responsibility of the Province, although it is the exclusive responsibility of the Federal Government to make laws related to criminal matters and procedures. While there is a high degree of consistency in the
administration of criminal law in Canada, it is not totally consistent, nor is it intended to be, since ten separate jurisdictions have the responsibility for the administration of justice in ten separate provinces.

I agree with Chief Justice McGillivray that the Courts in this Province are primarily concerned about uniformity within the Province of Alberta, but, of course, they must be aware and consider sentencing patterns elsewhere in Canada.

Yours Truly,
Jim Foster
Attorney General.


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