ALCC Bulletin

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The Canadian Bar Association will be taking a position on the legalization of cannabis at their annual August meeting in Halifax. We intend
to forward pro-legalization literature to each member of the C.B.A.

We encourage all ALCC members to write to their member for parliament expressing their views on legalization. Please forward letters to:
Mr. Harvie Andre, MP Calgary Centre
104 – 52417 Ave. S.W.
Mr. Eldon Wooliams, MP Calgary North
229 – 81816 Ave. N.W.
Mr. Peter Bawden, MP Calgary South
5th Floor 640 8 Ave. S.W.

Paraquat Test Kits have been selling briskly at Boodlum and Charisma, two downtown locations. We’ve had rumours of contaminated pot in Calgary but so far nothing to substantiate the rumours. Rolling Stone (June 1/78) has printed a warning against ineffective test kits now on the market. ALCC kits have been found to be capable of detecting paraquat as low as 3 parts per million (ppm) in concentration. (Write for details on how we determined this.) In 13 seizures of marijuana from the southwest United States, the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) identified paraquat contamination ranging from 3 to 2,264 ppm with an average contamination of 452 ppm. We’re marketing these test kits for two reasons: to provide a service to cannabis smokers and to raise money for the ALCc. We hate to sound commercial, but it’s a damn good kit.

In our last newsletter we reported that we applied for a grant from the Alberta Law Foundation. We were not successful. However, the Edmonton chapter of the ALCC received $6400 for the establishment of an office and salaries for staff.


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