Legalise cannabis campaign continues

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by Victor Salus
Marijuana laws should be changed to allow individuals the right to use cannabis if they so choose,according to Dave Charbonneau, Calgary Director of the Alberta Legalization of Cannabis Committee. The ALCC hopes to eventually see cannabis and its derivatives distributed by provincial governments, in the same way that alcohol is. “We’d like to stress that we are not advocating the use of marijuana, but we would like to see the laws changed so if a person wants to,he can do so without fear of arrest,” Charbonneau said.

Marijuana law reform 
I was delighted to see the article entitled “Marijuana laws: if Mississippi is ‘reformed,’ can Canada be ready, too?” by Leonard Shifrin. I believe in legislation because prohibition is expensive, not only in costs to people’s careers in -being given a criminal record. but, also the immense cost of enforcing the unenforceable law. GEORGE GILKS

Discouraging marijuana
Re A.D. Charbonneau Dec. I letter which contends marijuana is a relatively hannles5 substance compared to alcohol. It is Just like saying that assault is not too bad compared’ with murder. Two bad things do not add up to one good thing. He also states that use of marijuana in Oregon decreased after decriminalization. It is evident that he feels decrease in use to be a desired state. I will agree that the use of marijuana has increased in Canada but if responsible people were willing to take a stand and speak out against it, hopefully this could be reversed. MARGARET SLIMM

Alcohol and marijuana
Re Dec. 6 letter. Discouraging
marijuana. I totally agree with Miss Slimm’s comparison between marijuana and alcohol: “It is just like saying that assault is not too bad compared with murder.”But does it make sense that “murder” is legal while you can be thrown in jail for “assault?”

Random Notes
‘1 was a teen-age coffee addict,” confessed Debby Boone in a startling interview with Random Notes in which the young singer tells all. “it was as bad as any. one else’s drug – I literally got sick without it.” Debby first became hooked when she was 15. She started taking a huge thermos of the caffeine-saturated liquid to bible school every day and continued her feverish
consumption well into the night. “I developed this sick infatuation for it,”she now admits. “If I didn’t have it for a couple of hours, I would get very nervous and very upset.” Her addiction even haunted her singing career: she couldn’t make it through a recording session without a cup of java by her side.


A legal age for marijuana urged

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Some recent letters have suggested that those who want to see marijuana legalized also want to see what widespread use of the substance by young people. That is not so. Legalizing use by persons of legal age would be a matter of personal choice. Some blame “soft” drugs for creating apathy. But one study reported by the editors of Consumer Report (March, 1975) noted “the data clearly indicates that the long-term marijuana use did not produce demonstrable intellectual or ability.

Smoking beats eye operation WICHITA, Kan. (UP!)
– Ara Cron, a 53-year old gray-haired woman with a soft voice, is angry, bitter and disgusted with the federal government because it refused to let her smoke marijuana legally. “My, yes, I’d much rather have marijuana than surgery,” she said Sunday in a telephone interview. Mrs. Cron is something of an expert both on marijuana and surgery in the treatment of. glaucoma, a hereditary eye disease in which fluid builds up behind the eye causing pressure on the optic nerve. Glaucoma is a painful disease that can end in blindness. Several studies, however, have indicated marijuana reduces the pressure on the optic nerve, preventing the disease from worsening.