Letter from Macleans

I requested a copy of Macleans in which Emily Murphy  writes sensational articles about marijuana. I know the articles exist because I found them in the Calgary Public Library.

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October 27, 1977
A.D. Charbonneau
Alberta Legalization of Cannabis Committee
Box 96
Station G
Calgary, Alberta T3A 2G5

Dear Sir:
I’m sorry to tell you that I have been able to locate the series of
articles which you describe in Maclean’s.

Mrs. Emily Murphy wrote only one article in the August 15, 1927
issue entitled “Are Parents What They Should Be”.

I am returning your cheque but feel free to write me again if I
can be of any help.

Yours truly,

Paula Renaud (ms)
Editorial Assistant


Drug Law Reform Urged (U of C Gauntlet)

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Nearly half a million North Americans are arrested each year under antiquated and unjust marijuana laws, according to drug law reformist Keith Stroup.

Stroup, a Washington D.C.lawyer, is president of the National Organization’for-the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). NORML has been ,lobbying governments for , changes in marijuana laws and has been successful in having cannabis decriminalized in several American States.

Stroup was arrested for possession in Calgary.

Calgarians going to pot

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By Bob McKee

It is no coincidence that the initials of the recently-formed Alberta Legalization of Cannabis Committee (ALCC) bear a remarked resemblance to that of the Alberta Liquor Control Board (ALCB).
Already more than 100 people have joined its ranks since the Calgary branch opened in late September and along with its 200-strong parent group, formed in Edmonton last February. ALCC is hoping to bring respectability to its efforts to have cannabis decriminalized and legalized.

U.S. teens going straight -Poll

– Seventy Per cent of the nearly 24,000 U.S. high school students who answered a questionnaire say they have never had sexual intercourse, and 56 per cent say they would prefer their husband or wife to be a virgin when they marry. The poll. reported this week. is conducted annually by Who’s Who Among American High School Students among juniors and seniors  chosen by their principals, guidance counsellors and national youth groups. About 88 per cent said they have never used drugs and only nine per cent said they have smoked marijuana. Also. 85 per cent reported never having smoked cigarettes and eight per cent have quit. ‘

Smoking marijuana has become acceptable in Calgary

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By Fred Haeseker (Herald staff writer)

Last week the director of an American lobbying organization told University of Calgary students that marijuana should be decriminalized for personal use. Before Keith’ Stroup made his speech, however, he was arrested at the Calgary airport and charged with possession of marijuana. Stroup, 34, is a lawyer and the director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).It was the first time he had ever been charged with a drug offence. So far the arrest has been the only reaction to Stroup’s appearance here. Marijuana just doesn’t create the stir in Calgary that it did only a few years ago.

Drug arrests highest in Alberta
OTTAWA (CP) – Statistics Canada reports 63,166 drug arrests in 1976,a 12.1 per cent increase and the most dramatic in’ the agency’s annual crime report. Increases were particularly high in Alberta. The number of cannabis -y marijuana and hashish arrests totalled 57,465 last year, a 20.2 per cent rise, according to preliminary figures released this week.

From Joe Clark

This letter was forwarded to ALCC from Sheldon Chumir

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Thank you for your recent letter regarding my views on marijuana.
Possession of marijuana is an offense under the Narcotics Control Act, with a criminal offence registered against anyone convicted of it. Obviously, the law is not serving as a deterrent to use, and is resulting in many people carrying criminal records for what amounts to a social practice among their generation. Given this situation, I am of the opinion that simple possession should be “decriminalized” under other legislation to recognize today’s realities.

Joe Clark

Calgarians push for legalization of pot

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More than 100 Calgarians have banded together in an organization to push for the legalization of marijuana. The Alberta Legalization of Cannabis Committee (ALCC) wants to have possession and cultivation of the drug for personal use decriminalized. Its Calgary chapter has sprung up in the last two weeks from the 200-member parent group formed last February in Edmonton. The membership includes nonsmokers, said a spokesman who did not want to be identified because he fears harassment. At a conservative estimate. there . are at least 40,000 Calgarians who smoke cannabis (marijuana and hashish), he said. “The ALCC feels the inclusion of cannabis on the narcotics list was a mistake,” he said. “We do not advocate the use of marijuana. but support the right of freedom to choose it for a relaxant or social drug over potentially more dangerous drugs such as alcohol.”

Candidate fuming over ‘High Times’

By Bob McKee

Calgary is going to pot and aldermanic candidate Brian Lightburn isn’t very happy with the situation. Last week Lightburn, Ward 13 contestant, lodged an official complaint with city police over the downtown sale of the U.S.A. based magazine ‘High Times’. Lightburn brands the July issue of the magazine’s Canadian edition as having a “blatant disregard for the laws of the land.” The magazine, he adds, advocates the use of, drugs and displays an assortment of advertisements offering their sale and the sale of drug-orientated paraphernalia. “It also includes an article on the best ways to smuggling drugs from country to country,” he said.

Marijuana activist won’t contest facts

An anti-marijuana laws activist says he may make a “show case ” of his Calgary trial for possession of the drug. , After a brief court appearance Wednesday, .American lawyer Keith Stroup, 33, told reporters “if I do make a statement to the court, it will be that the “law’s an ass.”

Pot pioneer flies into bust

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Pot cause pioneer. flies into possession. ‘bust’ . By Bob Bragg (Herald staff writer)

American lawyer Keith Stroup may have cost Canada about $1.500 when he landed at Calgary International Airport Tuesday night. The 34~year-old director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana when he arrived on a flight from Washington..’

Students scoff at ” ‘hazards’

A Canadian medical sociologist. who claims to have evidence that marijuana is a health hazard. was given a tough reception at the University of Calgary Tuesday night.

Marijuana changes 1 0 years down road

There will be no meaningful changes in Canadian marijuana laws for at least 10 years. a University of Calgary law professor said Tuesday. Professor Chris Levy told 500 students during a panel discussion on marijuana that “we have to look to Ottawa if we are going to change the criminal law (on marijuana) but if the -federal government steps out. provincial governments may step in.” ‘Tm afraid its going to be a good long time before we see any changes.” he added.


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11th October, 1977

P.O. Box G96,
Station G,
Calgary, Alta.
TJA 2G5.

Dear Sir,

With reference to your article that was published
in The Herald last week, I request that you forward to me
information on this controversial topic.

I am employed as a Police Constable in the
position of a School Resource Officer at Bishop Grandin High
School, and as you are probably aware the topic of drugs.
is a very popular one with students, and I feel that the more
information that I can obtain in relation to this subject
will be of benefit to both myself and students alike.

My job also entails approaching outside
agencies with requests that they supply guest speakers to
certain classes within the school, and I would like to know
if you have such people on your staff who would be willing
to come to speak to some of the classes at Grandin if requested.

I look forward to your reply with great interest.

Yours truly,

Ivor McCorquindale.
School Resource Officer.
Bishop Grandin High School.