The pot-puffing question

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The pot-puffing question:

By Don Sellar (Southam News Services)

Ottawa – Barely a stone’s roll from Parliament Hill some lawyers , were whooping it up last week in their rooms at the staid old Chateau Laurier. ‘: Yessir. Some legal beagles at the Canadian Bar Association’s annual convention were puffing away at the bane of Canada’s middle class, marijuana.

Double standards on marijuana (letter to editor)

Reporter Don Sellar, in his column “Ottawa – once over lightly’l (Herald, Sept. 6) points out the double standard that exists for smokers of marijuana and other derivatives of cannabis. On one hand “Legal beagles at the Canadian Bar Association’s annual convention” and “several cabinet ministers and members of Parliament” puff away at “the-‘bane of Canada’s ” middle class:’ marijuana, to their head’s’ delight ;while law enforcement agencies seem to look the other way. Yet. for others in a less a powerful position arrests for pot smoking are increasing.

A. D. CHARBONNEAU, Foundation Member, Alberta Legalization of Cannabis Committee, Calgary .


Meeting September 14

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