Meeting August 31

I reported on my interview with CBC and we collected $5.10. Stan distributed some information.

We recently went Stan’s parents place near Bragg Creek. The have a big, expensive-looking house. Stan is studying to be a lawyer. I’m not sure what Stan’s parents think of his involvement in ALCC.


My interview -CBC Calgary

I went into the CBC radio studio on Westmount boulevard. I was nervous because, as a teacher, I thought I might seen as encouraging pot use. I tried to make it clear that ALCC did not encourage drug use and that smoking anything was not healthy.

Philosophy of ALCC -meeting

Tonight’s turnout was encouraging with 40 supporters present. We talked about the “philosophy” of ALCC –what we want to achieve and the steps to get there. It’s important to be seen as a lobby group and not a pot-smoking club. Encouraging towards that goal, some of our members don’t use marijuana.

We now have a bank account and a treasurer, Garry Moodie. Our application under the Societies Act will be sent in next week. We can’t keep meeting in the park,;a new meeting place has to be found. Stan was interviewed by Fred Haeseker of the Calgary Herald and by radio station CJAY which plays some good rock.

My third meeting

click for petition 

The turnout was a bit disappointing, only about 10 showed up. We talked about how important it was to get mass support and publicly. Some volunteered to get duplicates of our petition.  A collection was taken and $8.85 was added to our funds.

No one brought a joint tonight which was a downer. Smoking pot before our meeting seems to be a regular occurrence. It’s a good way to start, the creativity is increased with everyone a little high. And being Wednesday, hump day, a reason to celebrate, in the park on a mild summer evening, with friends.

My second meeting

We met at Princes Island Park again. There were more people this time, about 15 to 20. The objectives and means of achieving those objectives were discussed. Stan arranged to meet with a reporter. The weather continues to be good but how long can we continue to meet outside?

My first meeting

I just came back from my first meeting at Princes Island Park in the middle of the Bow River. I had heard about the meeting to start a lobby group to legalize marijuana on CBC radio.  It was a warm summer evening, and even though there was only a handful of people the atmosphere was positive. Stan, from the Edmonton chapter of ALCC, told us how to organize and apply as a society under the Societies Act of Alberta. I left feeling optimistic about the group –although the joint that was passed around might have had something to do with the feeling.