Letter from Ed Broadbent

Forwarded to ALCC by Mathew Martin-Iverson

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Mr. Mathew Martin-Iverson
3732 – 78 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6K lR7
Dear Mr. Martin-Iverson:

Thank you for your letter of April 12th concerning the legalization
of Cannabis issue.

The Bill you referred to is a Senate Bill, S-1,9, which did not get beyond the First Reading stage.  For your information, the Minister of Justice, the Honourable Ron Basford, has stated in the House of Commons that he and the Solicitor General were drafting legislation concerning this issue and it wi1,l be presented to the House in the near future. Because of ‘the pressure
of business,undoubtedly it will not be presented before the fall session. I am enclosing a copy of the Hansard extracts for March 3 and 28th when my colleague, John Gilbert, questioned the Minister about the legalization of marijuana.